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  negotiations, delegate , delegation, summit峰会 , declaration

  sponsor , resolve their differences 消除分歧, promote peace 促进和平,boost economic co-op加强经济合作

  make concession/compromise作出妥协,pass a resolution通过决议,veto a bill否决议案 , break the deadlock打破僵局

  a scientific breakthrough科学突破,an unexpected outcome出乎意料的结果

  sign/ratify an accord/deal/treaty/pact/agreement签署协议

  diplomatically isolated country在外交上被孤立的国家,diplomatic solutions外交解决方案,military option军事解决途径(动用武力),

  escalating tension逐步升级的局势, military coupe军事政变,forced from office被赶下台,step down/aside下台

  on the brink of war处于战争边缘 , hot spot热点,take hostilities toward..对..采取敌对态度 , sporadic fighting断断续续的战斗

  rebels , wounded,killed, injury,death,casualties伤亡

  heavy fighting激战 , genocide种族灭绝,relief effort救济工作, humanitarian aid人道主义援助

  ethnic cleansing种族排斥, broker/mediate a ceasefire/truce促成停火,refugee, illegal alliens非法移民, mediator调解员, end the bloodshed结束流血事件, special envoy特使

   peace-keeping forces维和部队, national convention国民大会

  guerrilla war游击战争,border dispute边境争端,armed conflict武装冲突,reconciliation调解

   fight corruption反腐败,corrupted election腐败的选举

  peace process和平进程, give a boost to...促进,booming economy促进经济发展

  civil war内战, mutual benefits/interests双赢

  cruise missile 巡航导弹 , come to a conclusion达成一致

  coalition forces联合军队 ,interim/transitional gov't过渡政府, sluggish economy萧条的经济

  on high alert 处于高级戒备状态, rebellion叛乱,rebel forces叛军

  Defense Minister , evacuate, flee from Pentagon五角大楼 , impose/break a deadline规定/打破最后期限,retaliate报复

  banking reform金融改革, commissioner代表

  go bankrupt破产,file for bankrupcy提出破产, deputy代表

  sensitive , hostage, kidnapped French nationals被绑架的法国人, rescue,release

  invade , US-led invasion美国领导的入侵, right-wing extremists右翼极端分子,external forces外部力量

  warring factions交战各方 , topple the government推翻政府

  speculate, disarmament agreement裁军协议,mandate , to lift a boycott取消禁令

   withdraw , embargo, impose sanctions against...实施制裁

  dismantle销毁, the implementation of an accord执行决议

  germ warfare介子战争 , to ease the ban on ivory trade缓解对象牙贸易的禁令

  to harbor sb.保护 , animal conservation动物保护,threatened/endangered species濒危物种

  illegal poaching非法捕猎,face extinction濒临灭亡

  stagnant/ recession 萧条, financial crisis金融危机,

  deflation 通货紧缩,inflation通货膨胀 , retail prices零售价格,whole sale prices批发价格

  suicide bombing自杀性袭击事件,dispute , crisis,coflict, holy war圣战

   administration , regime, claim responsibility for...声称负责

  suspend 停止,resume继续 , Gallup/opinion/exit poll,survey民意调查

  provocation挑衅,rule out the possibility of... ,排除可能性

  stand trial受审, put ....on trial审判某人, sue,file suit against...状告

  radioactive放射性 ,radiation辐射,uranium enrichment program铀浓缩计划nuke nonproliferation核部扩散

  suspect,arrest,detain,in custody被囚禁,on human rights abuse charges反人权罪名

  HIV positive HIV阳性,malaria,diabetes,hypertension,lung cancer,breast cancer

  fight poverty/starvation/hunger/disease/virus, stop the spread of...

  crack down on...严打,illegal drug trafficking毒品贩运,piracy,pirated products盗版产品,fake goods假货

   notorious臭名昭著 , bloody tyrant血腥独裁者,execute/execution处决,death penalty死刑,

  seminar,forum,peace coference,national convention,

  his counterpart同等级别的人,my predecessor/successor我的前任/后任, coalition party联合政党

  post-war reconstruction战后重建,pre-war intellegience战前情报,radar,espionage谍报,spying activity间谍行为,electronic warfare电子战争,chemical/biological/nuclear warfare化学/生物/核战争